We make products as well engineered as beautiful.

We are an engineering agency offering innovative ideas and solutions for established companies as well as startups. If you’re looking for a partner that helps you to develop your custom PCB, integrate it into an injection molded housing and someone that thinks along, you’re at the right place.

For us, interlinked thinking comes first. Well-designed products are always more complex than they seem at first sight. Innovation should therefore embrace an inherently interdisciplinary process, that enables thinking from many directions and asking the relevant questions.

As a young and well-rehearsed team, we are conscious about our responsibilities. We know when it’s time to implement ideas towards a product that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also performs flawlessly on a technical level.


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From left to right: René Odermatt (Industrial Design), Raffael Tschui (Electronics Engineer), Kristian Marjanovic (Industrial Design), Sam Sulaimanov (Software Engineer).


Sun-a-wear, Wearable, 2020